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Viele Menschen denken , Hip Hop  ist primitiv und sexistisch und sonst nichts,


natürlich gibt es auch solchen Hip Hop, aber wahrer Hip Hop und Rap


liefert Poesie unzählige Reime, sinnvolle Inhalte und  sogar politische Meinungen mit


einem Rhythmus und einem Flow, der genauso fließt wie der größte Fluss der Erde.

Der Wahre Hip Hop ist positiv, auch wenn er vom Leben erzählt wie es ist, es wird nichts


verschönt Hip Hop  ist REAL!


HIP HOP GEGEN Krieg, Missstände in der Gesellschaft und soziale Ungerechtigkeit.


Most People think Hip Hop is primitive and sexist and nothing else, sure there


are those, but true Hip Hop and Rap bares a message to its audience delivered


with an incredible beat and a poetic flow as liquide as the biggest river on



A powerful message to think positive even when its hard sometimes to make up

your own mind, but it is essential to WORLD PEACE & JUSTICE

without Racism and Segregation and Facism.


Maximilian Spohr

Filmmaker / Human Being / Event Manager (IHK)

In 1997 I arrived in Vancouver determined to visit the Vancouver Film School in order to study film production. Keeping my hopes up to ever be able to work with my relative Michael Ballhaus, who was at the time the Director of Photography of Martin Scorsese in LA. Meeting him in 1996  at a German Film Festival in Würzburg, I was stunned about my relative, I also met his wife and after he invited me to a practicum on a students movies set from the Munich Film School.

From then on, I kept talking to him regularly and one year later I moved to Vancouver.

While living in Vancouver for eleven years, I produced several documentaries two Hip Hop Documentaries about the yet unsung story of the Vancouver Hip Hop scene starting in 1997 - 2008.

While studying film production, I already got my first financial support grant from the Canadian National Film Board. After I was finished with Film School, my first film “Hungry” was broadcast on Much Music, Canada. My former partner had sold it without me and my name remained in the “Thank you” credits, even though I was the overall producer of the whole film. But I just had received my permanent residence status, so I could not go wild taking any revenge or nothing. Lets put it this way, Life taught me a lesson and I decided to start all over again, as for my day job, I worked in the american movie industry  taking place in Vancouver as a member of the Iatse 891 lighting technicians’ Union.

Michael Ballhaus invited me twice to the film sets he was working on. One was “Gangs of New York” which was entirely shot in Rome Italy, at Cine Citta Studios and my dream to meet Martin Scorsese in person became reality. My million dollar handshake. The other one was “The Departed” in NYC and I met Martin Scorsese again. The movie industry crowd is a tough and griddy crowd. Cocaine and weed were the favorite topics. On the side, I filmed and priduced my other documentaries in my spare time. My Documentary “A Car for a Dollar”

I was writing the drafts and stayed with it til the final release on TV and DVD. In the end I knew the whole game. “A Car for a Dollar” was a film about the old East German Trabant car. The endless passion within my three partners and myself paid for this film.  

Who can say their film ran in 10 countries on TV over 500 times.

Well, here we go ME!

Of course since you cannot make any money with documentaries these days, I decided to do something more important for the world, than standing on a high rise roof in the total pouring rain for 16 hours regulating lights for X-Man.

So, I did.

Always having organized Hip Hop concerts and graffiti events ever since I lived in Vancouver, I finally decided to start something which had to do with my passion for Film and Hip Hop. 2017 I was invited to the New York Hip Hop Film Festival and was so inspired afterwards by that visit to New York, that I decided to found my own festival in Hamburg, Germany, having it my own style.

In 2018 The Golden Sneakers International Hip Hop Film Festival A film festival against Hate and Racism! was born.

I am still working a full time job on the side, 'I am a licensed Event Manager In Germany.

This years 2021 is the festivals’ fourth year and we are in the game for many more to come.


And we hope you are gonna be there with us too. Peace out.